My Week

work hard and be niceThis is what I’m working on this week, guys. I’ve been crazy busy, busy being crazy, and busy driving my husband crazy. I’m a hormonal wreck (hormones are so much fun, aren’t they? Heh.) and planning a huginormous event that’s coming up this week. So I’m just praying that I’ll be able to hold everything together until it’s all over and done with, and manage to stay nice to everyone in the meantime. 

My husband and I started this tradition in the beginning of our marriage that when we were having a hard time being positive with each other we’d go one whole week committed to not being critical. AT ALL. If we had a critical thought, word, or anything about ourselves, someone else, or heaven forbid, our spouse, we’d have to start all over and try really really hard to think only criticism FREE thoughts and speak nicely. It’s really refreshing, and it makes you realize not only how many critical thoughts you have about people on the street and the people that you love, but yourself! You have to think to yourself “nope, I’m not thinking this way right now. What can I think instead? How about.. my hair might look nice this way?” Or “dinner was good, but it might be even better if I added a little more of ___.” 

It’s a life changer. We got the idea from a favorite author of ours, Dr. John Lund an LDS author who speaks and writes about improving marriages and communication. You can check his stuff out at your local library, and he has a great audiobook, too, “For All Eternity.” and it talks about communicating, love languages, and resolving conflict. This is where we got this idea. 

So. Wish us luck. And try it for a day, then maybe for two days. This is what I did in the beginning, and I wrote down how I did in my journal. It was really interesting to me what I found out about myself, and how critical I am of myself. And of others, even just in my head. 




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