Have I Done Any Good?

 This video made me think. It made me think about what good I’m doing every day; I suppose that in one way that’s how I gauge how well I’m living my life. If I get the feeling from the Spirit that I’m doing well at serving my fellow human beings, then I’m doing pretty well. That’s kind of what I live for. I love to make other people feel happy, and feel love. That’s what life is all about for me. 

So I wonder how I can make my writings here more meaningful that way- how can I do more good here? Shall I try to be more introspective and personal? More deep and spiritual, or more fun and light? Maybe all of these would reflect me better. What do you think?

And what do you like to do to make other people feel glad?



7 thoughts on “Have I Done Any Good?

  1. Just tell it like it is, what it’s like for you to be bisexual and what it means. People like to think that our sexuality is all about sex alone… but a lot of being bisexual is all about what goes on inside our heads. So anything you’d care to share could help a great many of bisexuals who may not be comfortable with being bi.

    Personally, I’m kinda curious of how a Mormon could also be bisexual, given what I’ve heard about how rigid the LDS can be…

    • I think a lot of LDS people can be percieved as rigid but the majority of LDS people are what I would venture to label “normal-ish” people. If all Mormons had to be what people think of when they picture Mormons I would never fit in, or have a good time- and I get along with most everyone! Although I’ll grant that most people would be surprised to know that I’m bisexual it is something that I think *most* would come to accept about me. There are those old fashioned people in every religion and region who are unfortunately perpetuating those stereotypes of close mindedness and rigidity, I think.

      • I know I’ve heard that Mormons invented being rigid in their religious beliefs. I remember when I was in Clearfield and Salt Lake City and being told that I’d better be on extra best behavior because Mormons didn’t have a sense of humor about a lot of things.

        So, many years later, I read a blog written by a Mormon who’s bisexual so, naturally, I had to pick my jaw up and then ask what’s really up with this – better to get it right from a Mormon than to believe the dumb stuff that’s probably going around, right?

  2. Well, I did try to behave when I was there; not sure I succeeded, given some of the looks the people were giving me – but that’s okay. Okay, onto something else: When I write my blog and I write about bisexuality, I don’t sugar coat it – I just call it like I see it – or how I’ve seen it – and go on from there. Some people like it, some don’t but I’d rather write about the real deal, real life stuff I’ve learned and experienced than to fill a reader’s head with a lot of nonsense and if it helps someone, well, that’s a really good thing.

    So I’m thinking if you write your blog in a similar manner – tell what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling – even if you have to be PC about it – someone will read it and can learn more about being bisexual because, oddly, we just don’t learn enough about how bisexual women think or even why they feel/think the way they do.

    • Thanks, that’s helpful. I like reading yours too, it’s nice to get into the head (heh, see, there’s my sense of humor getting me in trouble) of a bi guy. It’s nice to have a friend who knows what it’s like, you know? 🙂

      • I do know and I will write about the stuff that a lot of people wouldn’t dare to speak on – but it’s important and more so if someone’s trying to understand their bisexuality. I’ve learned a lot so far – and I’m still learning because even in this, there’s no such thing as too much information when facing such a life-changing event.

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