A great quote

…from a blog I love called “Tattoed Mormon” {In the Head of Al}

(You can visit her blog here)  http://alfoxshead.blogspot.com/

This is from a post on April 1, 2013, speaking on her decision to not hide who she is because she is afraid. She’s an inspiration.
“When those times arise where you have to make that same decision I did, think to yourself, ‘is this worth giving up my eternal salvation?’ Is that comment your ward member said to you worth giving up your eternal happiness? Is that look someone just gave you worth giving up the profound, indescribable blessings Heavenly Father has to give to you? Is it worth stopping yourself from returning to live with Him again? Is it worth your exaltation?
To all those that feel that they do not fit in, I tell you with confidence, that you’re wrong. To all those who are afraid to return because of past mistakes, I say, Come! To all those who sit there offended and holding yourselves back, I ask, is it still worth it?
This gospel is for you. These blessings & promises are for you. You belong a part of this.  This- what we’re a part of- isreal. What you do does make a difference. His ways- His promises- are worth it. And how grateful I am that I decided to keep going. How grateful I am that I made the decision to trust. The decision to have faith. How grateful I am for the decision to choose God. I do not have words adequate enough to express my gratitude I have for how I feel. For who I have become. For what my life is today. It would not be have I not made those decisions.
Choose. Choose Daily. Choose God. “

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